Posted by: succulentfae | July 5, 2011

Utility Woes

I live in an old house.   Old houses often mean drafts in the winter which lead to a loss of heat.  This isn’t winter so I did not even think about the drafts.  That is until I received my latest utility bill.  $330 was enough to leave me in a state of shock.   After recovering from the shock, I started thinking.  What keeps the heat INSIDE in winter can also keep the cool air INSIDE in summer.  I have one door that has a large drafty crack at the bottom.  I planned to make a draft dodger in the fall but decided that this needed to be done now.   A scrap piece of burgundy denim fabric (from Freecycle), 3 jars of dried beans & about 15 minutes and I have something to cover the space & hopefully will keep my house a little cooler.


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