Posted by: succulentfae | June 23, 2011

Art as it happens

In the past few days I’ve been busy working on things besides art, or so I thought.   While it is true that I haven’t entered my studio, I have created other things that were more necessary at the time.

I ‘ve scanned tons of photos for my family.  I edited a great picture for Jay’s father. It was planned as a father’s day gift but morphed into something else entirely.

I’ve worked on a special picture for a friend of a friend.  The friend’s mom, Linda, is struggling to let go of life and my friend wanted to give her friend a gift of her favorite picture of her mom.  I was honored to know that I am the one she turned to when she needed it fixed.  I’ve been notified that this will be used at the memorial service.  It makes the work worthwhile.

So, while my art did not begin in the studio, it did begin. I needn’t be hard on myself for not getting to crafty things.


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