Posted by: succulentfae | June 18, 2011

Crafting a Gift for Andie

I was in need of a birthday gift this week.  I remembered the special day just 12 hours before I needed the gift.  Yay for crazy fibro induced forgetfulness!  I decided that my budget for buying a gift, especially something that fit the gift recipient, was woefully inadequate.  I could have just forgotten about the gift as my friend was not expecting anything, but for me, birthdays are to be celebrated.

I started browsing around on Pineterest and found a quick and easy gift.  I had all of the supplies on hand (more or less but I improvised) and knew I could make this quite easily.

The tutorial for these cute little note holders is over at PinandPaper.  Please see her post for the actual instructions.

My Embellished Clothes Pins

Here are the clips that I made.  Shown along with my friend’s birthday card.  This first set was so simple to make.  I did not have any round magnets so I used some strong adhesive backed strip magnets that I had on hand.  I reinforced the sticky with E-6000.

This set went so well and came out looking very cool.  I’m making a stash of these as small holiday gifts/stocking stuffers.  My boyfriend’s mom really loves to do stockings for everyone.  Last year our contribution was just candy.  I want this year to be something nicer.

One thing I did on the second set was to change up the paper.  Instead of using 2 sheets of coordinating scrapbook paper, I chose to use sticker sheets.  These sheet stickers were from a scrapbook isle at the hobby store a few years back.   The possible types of papers that you can use is endless.  I’d like to see some made with candy wrappers.

I tell you about the ways that I improvise the tutorials when I make my creations  to show that anything can be extrapolated upon.  Be creative, be original, and have fun!

Believe in yourself and your creative abilities!


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